Vendor Terms and Conditions


Multi-Vendor Agreement -Terms and Conditions


Listing in our website ‘  is free of cost  for vendor/Seller  who may  agree to  the following points: 

1. The seller/vendor/shop owner agrees to provide correct data and information related to the products that are listed and offered for sale on the website,  promoted by  Kitsor Private Limited.

2. We do not promise any sale, hence any investment done by the seller on account of listing in our website, or any loss claimed because of it – Kitsor Pvt ltd  will  not in anyway be responsible for such a loss.

3. The seller agrees to comply with all statutory laws and regulations applicable from time to time with respect to his/her establishment and products. Kitsor Pvt Ltd ( will not be responsible for any failure on the part of the manufacturer/distributor to comply with statutory or legal obligations. 

4. The seller agrees to sell the products at a reasonable price to compete with other traders listed on the website. It is mandatory to show the MRP of  the products and may offer appropriate discounts as applicable.

5. The seller is required to maintain adequate inventory and the stock position of each  product should be updated on the website concurrently.

6. Vendor should not  include products that are expired, nearing expiry( with less than 30% of shelf life), products that  may cause harm or injury, disrespect to others, religious, values, customs or traditions, etc.

7. Sellers may take appropriate licenses like FSSAI, GST, etc. Kitsor will not be responsible for any non-compliances on the part of the vendors.Sellers have to upload documents like GST certificate, Aadhar card, Certificate of Incorporation etc in our Site before listing the products.

8. If the buyer  demands a refund, he/she should claim it within 24 hours of the receipt of the product. Refund claims will be accepted only if the product received was damaged in transit or if the product received  by the customer was not the same which she/he has  ordered. The replaced  product or  refund amount, along with the courier charges,  will have to be borne by the Seller.

9. The shipping charges are based  on different slabs as below. The vendor can assign one of the below mentioned categories to each product.  The seller is encouraged to give free shipping for his products, if possible.

  • Tvm city= Rs 30 (applicable only to Trivandrum based sellers)
  • Default shipping= Rs 69
  • Minor shipping= Rs 119
  • Small item= Rs 139
  • Medium item= Rs 169
  • Big item= Rs 199
  • Special item= Rs 249


10. After sales service of the products( if any) sold  in the Site are to be handled by the respective seller or manufacturer. will not be responsible for this.

11. The seller’s  listing price  should  include GST along with the price of each product. If the product attracts GST and if the seller is registered with GST, taxes may be paid by the seller and returns filed accordingly. Kitsor Pvt Ltd. will not be responsible for any issues related to GST with respect to the product sold by the seller through

12. Customers shall have the right to place the order, change or cancel it at any point of time before the dispatch of the item ordered. Once the item is dispatched,  the seller  should intimate the buyer and the Customer Care number of Keralaspecial ( 73 56 62 9493 )  through Whatsapp or email.

13. The seller may at  any time withdraw their listing by giving 15 days notice by email to Any after sales service pending to the sale made  by the vendor must be complied with. Accounts shall be reconciled and settled accordingly.

14. The seller agrees to pay sales commission to Kitsor Private Limited as agreed at 10% of the selling price of the Product. Kitsor reserves the right to alter the rate of commission on prior intimation to the vendor.

15. The billing will be made by the seller directly to the customer’s billing address and shipment shall be dispatched by the Vendor to the shipping address  as mentioned by the customer. Legal compliances including GST shall be the responsibility of the seller.

16. If an order is received, the seller cannot cancel the order. However if there are any issues to be addressed they are requested to inform the KeralaSpecial  customer care number .

17. The Seller shall  dispatch  the product to the customer  within 24hrs of the receipt of the order, unless there is a compelling reason beyond the  control of the seller (Force Majeure). If there is any delay in the part of the vendor it  shall be intimated to Keralaspecial Customer Care immediately.

18.  Kitsor is not responsible for packing, delivery and shipping. We do not provide any logistics support or any packing materials. All international orders will be discussed and scrutinized legally before orders are approved.

19.  Sellers should not list any products banned by the authorities for online sale.

20. Kitsor ( reserves the right to list or de-list any vendor without assigning any reason. Kitsor also reserves the right to de-list the vendor at any time on intimation to vendor 15 days in advance .

21. Orders are received either as  paid ones (through the payment gateway of the Site ) or through cash-on-delivery (CoD) . If it is CoD , the payment will be directly received by the vendor and the commission amount may be transferred to KITSOR’s bank account within 5 days of the receipt of the money .In case the vendor desires to opt out of CoD,  they may inform us (Keralaspecial) and based on that, the CoD  option will be disabled for the vendor . The payments for all fulfilled orders will  be settled within 10 business days of dispatching the order by the Vendor. Kitsor is not responsible for packing, delivery and shipping. 

22. The seller may strive to uphold high quality standards. Lower customer rating or frequent complaints will result in delisting the seller.

23.  Terms and conditions are subject to change.  In the event of any dispute or litigation, the law authorities  or courts  within the jurisdiction of Trivandrum district can only be approached.