Vibha Soap

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The blending of Nalpamaram, Neem, Ramacham for freshness of body. Made from vegitable orgin.

Dosage: Use regularly for better result. Required quantity to be applied over body and if required use mesh sponge to work soap into full lather. The longer our soap is in contact with your skin the more effective it is.

INDICATIONS: Twak prasadanam. Indicated in all dermatological conditions. Grade I toilet soap. TFM: 78 %, Contains no animal fat. Soap base made from vegetable origin.



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Each 75g Vibha Soap is prepared out of

Official name    Botanical name        Qty

Udumbara           Ficus racemosa        6.000g

Aswatha              Ficus religiosa          6.000g

Nyagrodha       Ficus benghalensis     6.000g

Nimba             Azadirachta indica        18.00g

Usira Taila       Vetiveria zizanoides     0.375g

Perfume                     –    –    –               q.s

For external use only.





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