Ripe ‘Nendran’ Banana Crisps – 50g


Ripe ‘Nendran’ banana crisps are made from ripe nendran bananas. Nendran is a nutrient-rich plantain variety indigenous to Kerala. The crisps are made using the latest vacuum frying technology, ensuring that the customer enjoys the fruit with their original taste, color and flavour in time of the year. The ripe Nendran banana is sliced and processed at low temperature assuring that the nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in the fruit is not lost. Jacme vacuum fried crisps is a healthier alternative to deep fried snacks and Namkeens

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Vacuum frying, the raw material is processed in low temperatures (>90 degree), so that its essential nutrients and mineral are not lost.
The process helps in preserving the fruit/vegetable with its original taste, color, shape and flavor. There are no chemicals, sugars or preservatives added to the crisps.

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