Cloves / Grambu


Clove or grambu,is a popular spice and is used in liqueurs and mulled wine, perfumes and even love potions. More recently, clove oil has been employed for its analgesic effects in dentistry. It is a preservative and is also used as a flavouring agent for meat dishes. It is also used to flavour a wide variety of sweet and savoury dishes. It has been an essential flavor component in many traditional dishes .



Clove in Indian languages – Laung ( Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu), Lawang ( Bengali), Lavang ( Gujarati), Lavanga ( Kannada), Grambu ( Malayalam), Luvang ( Marathi), Labang ( Oriya), Lavanga ( Sanskrit), Kirambu, Lavangam ( Tamil), Lavangalu ( Telugu).

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