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Premium Quality Herbal Porridge at an affordable price.  

HERBAL Porridge for ALL AGES – ALL SEASONS : Navara Rice and herbal mix with the medicinal benefits of Dasapuspham

Aushadha Kanji or Karkidaka kanji is a herbal porridge traditionally popular in the South Indian state of Kerala during the rainy season. This special diet in Ayurveda is good for people of all age groups as it would help to improve the immunity of the body and acts as a detoxifying agent.

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Ingredients: Navara Rice, Mudga, Asali, Methy, Aushadha Choornam, Aswagandha, Davahu, Sundhi, Maricha, Pippeli, Thrikandaka, Musta, Ela, Lavangam, Pachila, Sariva, Ksheeravidari, Yestimadhu, Salaparni, Salaparni, Ajaji, Ajamodam, Uzhinja, Thiruthali, Muyalchevi, Nilappana, Mukkutty, Vishnukranthy, Karuva, Kunjunni, Poovamkurunnila, Cherula, Karuva

How to use Candok Aushadha Kanji: Take sufficient quantity of water in a vessel. Wait to boil. Add Navara rice, green gram, flaxseeds and fenugreek. After cooking the above add Candok aushadha/medicated choornam and stir well. It can be seasoned with half cup of coconut milk and jaggery or salt to your taste. This can be a good Anti-Ox dinner or supper for all ages.

Usage: This is a unique combination of herbs, spices, grains and rice. Support detoxification to improve immunity. A care for monsoon ailments and fever. Supports digestion and energises body. Healthy food option for your lifestyle diseases management plan. Herbal Porridge for all ages and all seasons.

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