Banatone Banana Powder


This product prepared from fresh and good quality raw bananas (Nendran) is excellent nutritional supplement for all ages, particularly children. Raw banana powder is a very good source of anti-oxidants, dietary fibre and resistance starch (RS).Research studies proved that RS ferment in large intestine by the action of microbes and they produce short chain fatty acids which can prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It is a low GI (glycemic index) food and hence it can be consumed by diabetic people also. It is low fat and as any plant product it is cholesterol free. It is also a source of calcium, iron and vitamin A and vitamin B6.

Indications: it helps in reducing acidity and also heals intestinal ulcers.A published research study indicates that it helps in the treatment of diarrhea in infants.


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Acidity, Intestinal ulcers


150 g, 300 g, 400 g


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