Ayurveda Mix Plus Kashaya Soap


Ayurveda Mix Plus Kashaya Soap is manufactured by mixing, three times filtered coconut oil with kashayam prepared by using 18 ayurveda medicines in hand made process. By using ayurveda medicines in the form of kashayam in soap, we get the good effect of ayurvedic medicines in soap. The hereditary formula used in kashaya soap acts as medicine for curing skin diseases such as heat rashes,  tanning, freckle, psoriasis, dandruff etc.

Check description below for more details and ingredients.

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It is certified by the drug testing laboratory under drugs control department, Government of Kerala as the TFM in kashaya soap is ranging from 80-86% and caustic alkaline contents is below 1%. Kashaya soap is a hand made soap ensuring strict quality control measures  in all stages of production.

The main ayurveda medicines used in kashayam are sandal, ramacham, nalpamarapatta, veppila, red sandal, asokam, thulasi, Kasthuri manjal, maramanjal etc.

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