Mundu is a traditional and simple garment worn by men in Kerala. Mundu comes with a Karala line of comparatively thicker cloth woven into it near the border. The Kara can be coloured and comes in various sizes and is ornamental. When Mundu comes with golden embroidery known as Kasavu it is called Kasavu Mundu. It is also considered appropriate for men to wear Mundu during their visits to the temples and while attending religious functions. In temples like the Guruvayur Temple and the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, it is a mandatory requirement to wear Mundu and preferably Mel-mundu or Neriyath for men.
In traditional Hindu marriages, the bridegroom usually wears Mundu along with either shirt or a ‘Mel Mundu’. Melmundu’ is an upper garment similar to the ‘Neriyath’.

Kasavu Mundu

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